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International Sustainable Development Research Society
ISDRS announces its 30th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development Research to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 10 – 14 June 2024
Conference Hosts
Mid-West University and Nepal Open University
Conference Theme
Linking Futures of Mountain and Ocean: Rescuing the SDGs 2030 for Sustainable Livelihood
Conference Modality
In-person and Virtual


ISDRS (International Sustainable Development Research Society) is a global scientific community committed to global peace and sustainable development. The conference is a multidisciplinary platform of scholars engaged in natural as well as social sciences. Nepal’s newly established public universities, the Mid-West University and Nepal Open University are coordinating with various national and international organizations to convene the Conference. 

For millennia, humans have lived as a member of nature securing life and continuing their existence albeit endured calamities. Modern humanity; however, destroyed this relationship by treating nature merely as a means of prosperity rather than a fabric of livelihood. Today’s environmental crisis is a choice of human short-sightedness of abusing natural resources. Lately, the Earth Summit 1992 concluded that sustainable development should be a global goal focusing economic, social, and environmental concerns. Giving further impetus to the MDGs (2001-2015), the governments adopted the SDGs to protect the planet in ensuring their existence. Research as answers to inquiries and solutions to issues have a pivotal role in catalyzing the procedures of SDGs and achieving them.

Sustainability is a way of living. It is a model being practiced by indigenous communities since millennia. While prioritizing the sustainable future for mountain communities and safeguarding the invaluable natural resources found in these regions, their linkages with waters of oceans can never be ignored. All rivers originating in the mountains flow to the ocean. This connectivity is more than a physical bridge; it connects people’s livelihood and their culture, completes life cycles of fishes, nourishes plant and animal life, and fertilizes agricultural farms.

The 30th ISDRS Annual Conference will be an important international milieu of scientists (natural and social), economists, development professionals and graduate students, entrepreneurs and innovative minds. Nepal, a breathtaking country renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage, offers an ideal venue for this prestigious event. The Conference will create a dynamic and engaging platform featuring keynote speeches by renowned scholar, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and paper presentations, covering a wide range of sustainable development topics. Participants can look forward to networking opportunities and post-conference excursions to explore Nepal’s sustainable initiatives.

Host Organizations: Mid-West University and Nepal Open University

Organizing Partners: Government of Nepal (GoN), Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, University Grants Commission

Supporting Partners: Golden Gate International College, Himalayan Research Expedition, Kathmandu Institute of Science and Technology, MITRA Samaj, Nepal Development Research Institute, Sustainable Prosperity Initiative-Nepal

Secretariat: Resources Himalaya Foundation